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Founded in 2012 by the information technology firm SIAED SpA, DiàCultura Foundation designs and builds complex cultural activities, involving public authorities, universities, private firms and individual citizens in the ambitious project of sustaining the Italian cultural and ethical growth.


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Founded in 1977, SIAED SpA designs, develops and builds back office solutions for clients operating in the finance and public administration sector.
The back office is everything that the final client (or user) does not see, but that allows the creation of products or services destined for them.
Multiple activities are related to the back office, first of all the ones related to the production, management and administrative phases.

SIAED’s business offer is precisely concentrated on these phases, through Business Process Reengineering it re-designs outdated operative models in need of efficiency to become more competitive.
The re-design process often involves the development or remake of practical software solutions; for this reason SIAED has a qualified IT structure able to internally design and develop these solutions.
The SIAED model derives from an expertise acquired working for big clients: the aim is to guarantee considerable economic savings and the optimization of processes.

Via della Maglianella, 65 E/H | 00166 | Roma
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Forma Urbis

Media partner of DiàCultura Foundation.
DiàCultura Foundation collaborates with the publishing house E.S.S. Editorial Service System Srl on the realization of Forma Urbis, the archaeological magazine issued monthly, of which the Foundation, since 2013,curates the editorial aspects, the scientific direction, and the layout design.

The magazine was funded in 1995 by Carlo Pavia, Claudio MoccheggianoCarpano and Luciano Pasquali with the objective of supporting the knowledge of the “subterranean Rome” and the monumental Roman heritage with the aim of involving the widest audience in the archaeology world.

During the years the editorial line of the magazine has changed to become a high quality divulgation and communication instrument for the general public and, simultaneously, being a specialized and updated magazine for archaeologists.
Together with the reference public institutions and DiàCultura Foundation, Forma Urbis has promoted various editorial projects, some of which are presented in the following gallery.

Editorial Line, scientific project and graphics 
DiàCultura Foundation 
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