Ediarché 2010. Archaeology in the publishing world

Italian version

The first edition of Ediarché, promoted by Ediarché srl and patronized by Comune di Roma, Superintendence for the Prehistoric and Ethnographic National Museum “L. Pigorini”, SAIA – Italian School of Archaeology in Athens, DAINST – German Archaeology Institute, XII Rome’s Municipality, EUR SpA – the city within the city, was hosted at the Prehistoric and Ethnographic National Museum “L. Pigorini”.

Ediarché, fair and cultural event, has at its core the archaeological book around which are organized a series of events tied together by the theme: “the antiquity in contemporary times; are we ready to communicate it? The ability to communicate aesthetical and emotional experiences, things, buildings, landscapes, human actions, the extraordinary history of our geographical expression.

The prestigious location, the “Pigorini” museum, has become a place of encounter and cultural exchange between publishing houses specialized in the cultural sector and experts, institutions, public entities, museums, universities, research centers, archaeological societies and cooperatives, agencies specialized in the cultural tourism, cultural associations and also a general public of enthusiasts.

The publishing houses’ stands have been able to enjoy an evocative scenario created by the archaeological artifacts exposed and by the photos on display made available by museums or art galleries.

In the afternoon of May 23rd, in addition to the three laboratories of experimental archaeology – one of which held by the archaeologists Pino Pulitani that has illustrated the ceramic manufacturing techniques – and to the re-enacting of a ritual connected to the Vestali’s cult performed by the Gruppo Storico Romano, there was the event “DIVINA…MENTE. Il regalo di Dioniso all’uomo”, conferences, documentaries, encounters and tastings on the theme of wine in antiquity, an initiative promoted by “Lazio Autoctono. Prodotti tipici: identità e opportunità”.