Scientific Convention - Contextualize the "first colonization": Archaeology, sources, chronology and interpretative models between Italy and the Mediterranean

Italian version


The convention was held from June 21st to 23rd at the patronising Foreign Institutes of via Omero, Valle Giulia (Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut, Belgian Academy, BSR – British School at Rome).

It was curated by Valentino Nizzo (Emilia Romagna’s Archaeological Superintendence) and Lieve Donnellan (Belgian University of Ghent), with the support of Ghent and Brussels Universities and of the Near East department of the Royal Museum of Art and History of Brussels and with the patronage of various institutes and foreign academies in Rome.

The central theme of the encounter was the, very much discussed,  “first colonisations” of Italy by Greeks and Phoenicians between IX and VII century BC.  

Among the objectives of the convention there is to foster the dialogue between different approaches and perspectives on “colonization” in Italy to help close the existing gap between the different “schools of thought”.