RomArché 2013. IV Fair of Archaeological Publishing

Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia, Academia Belgica | Rome, 20th - 26th May 2013 

Italian version

The 2013 Fair of Archaeological Publishing in Rome – renewed thanks to the involvement, as organizers, of Dià Cultura Foundation – had at its core the relations between government mechanisms, economy and socio-cultural development in a perspective that used the historical experience as an instrument for reflection and deep analysis on what happens in the present, stimulating knowledge, comprehension and curiosity.

The structure and means of expression of the event were multiple and designed for audiences with different needs: from the Fair of Archaeological Publishing to the experimental guided tours, from the scientific convention to the series of encounters, RomArché proposed a wide variety of participatory occasions and of thematic approaches to the city of Rome.

The initiatives that were part of RomArché 2013 are:

- Fair of Archaeological Publishing – Biblioarchè;

- Scientific Convention: “Ploutos & Polis. Perspectives of the relationship between economy and politic in the Greek world”;

- Dià.ti: Parallel Lives – experimental guided tours; Encounters; Movie screenings;

- Lectures: Etruscan’s without mystery;

- Didactical laboratories;

- Experimental Archaeology;

- Re-enacting Event: Echoes of antiquities’ flavors and Foundation Ritual with the tracing of the first rut by Gruppo Storico Romano. Performance of sounds, music and dances by Synaulia