Reading the Mediterranean: dialogues on the past and the present of Mare Nostrum

Italian version


Curate by Filippo Avila

Starting from a phrase by Fernand Braudel on the history flowing in the Mare Nostrum, as unique and eternal flowing between past and present, we tried to “excavate” among experiences and opinions in search for the “mediterraneità”: a mix of differences and similarities.

The contribution of Folco Quilici was exiting, he presented his last book “I miei mari”, very interesting was also what emerged from the contribution of Ing. Domenico Ricciardi, president of Mediterraneum – Acquario di Roma, that announced the destination of some of the aquarium tanks to show to the public the work that many archeosub do in the Mediterranean, they will simulate research activities and all the archaeologists work phases in those mysterious abysses. Something new, that is not represented in any other aquarium in Italy.