Virtual Archaeology Seminar: "Digital Communication"

Italian version


The III Seminar of Virtual Archaeology: “Digital Communication” was held on June 19th and 20th, at the ex Vetrerie Sciarra (“Sapienza” – Rome University). The seminar was designed and organized by Simone Gianolio, PhD student in archaeology at “Sapienza” – Rome University, in collaboration with the Virtual Heritage Lab of CNR and with the support of FBK (Bruno Kessler Foundation, research centre in Trentino), MIMOS association (Italian Movement of moulders and simulators) and National Archaeologist Association.

This edition of the seminar was focused on the digital methods to open archaeological knowledge to  general audience.

Virtual archaeology’s aim is, indeed, to communicate to the general audience the heritage of ancient cultures trough technologies characterized both by a high communication and learning impact and by a high scientific quality and cultural contents.

Communication has become a very important topic also in the scientific field: the archaeologist job is not only to scientifically confront other archaeologists, but also to communicate research results to the public that, thanks to the internet, has rediscovered art and history, as proven also by the recent growth of cultural tourism.