Divulge Archaeology: didacts, integration, communication: The role of sector publosher, institutions and free associations.

Italian version


Curate by Simona Lauro and Maria Rosa Patti, in collaboration with the association “Amici del Museo Pigorini”

This time the theme “communication” was tackled under a more didactic, educational profile, thanks to the contribution of entities and institutions, that work every day to spread the knowledge of the extraordinary cultural heritage, such as “Amici del Museo Pigorini”, the gruppo Storico Romano, the Museo del Mare e della Navigazione antica.

Amongst the most interesting projects, for the deep social meaning, we recall the one about the creation of tactile paths in Rome’s museums (curate by Associazione Museo Onlus), but also the book “Rehabilitation and Archaeology”, written by archaeologists and psychologists, presented by one of the authors the archaeologist Dario Scarpati.