Scientific Convention - From birth to death: anthropology and archaeology compared. Study encounter in honour of Claude Lévi-Strauss

Italian version


Curate by Valentino Nizzo, in collaboration with Elisa Cella

The convention was an occasion for the specialists of two important branches of human studies, anthropology and archaeology, to meet giving them a chance to confront their methods and collaborate especially in a critic perspective.

Noteworthy is then the fact that to foster the dialogue between scholars the organizers have designed an online platform trough which they tried to broaden the debatebeyond the end date.

Dozens of contribution have been shared on the website after been scientifically selected and have given birth to a virtual space of discussion on a dedicated forum, the outcome of which will end up in the convention proceedings.

In this way Ediarché became the promoter of a new form of scientific dialogue that, always at the maximum level, has the aim to broaden the reach of this kind of events.