Workshop - New Archaeological Publishing: the contribution of the moder communication system to scientific divulgation

Italian version


of Maria Luisa Bruto

The objective of this workshop is to present a sector of publishing houses that uses audio-visual aids and  3D reconstruction for historical events, touristic itineraries, monuments, both using only digital or as a plus in an analog context.

These systems become a very useful tool for scientific divulgation, especially when you have to explain complex notions about a past world, sometimes difficult to understand. Always more, the traditional publishers, use these systems to cope with the continuous metamorphosis of the communication market, trying to involve the young public more accustomed with their use.

There are many novelty in the sector, starting from the e-book on Galluccio’s castle, or the interesting app for archaeology, that as the last generation cinemas, allows a true tridimensional experience of the past.