Fair of Archaeological Publishing

Italian version


2012’s Fair of Archaeological Publishing in Rome had two main objectives, somehow different from the past editions ones: on one side, as by tradition, it aimed to promote the archaeological publishing targeting archaeologists and experts of the cultural sector; on the other side it aimed to introduce and present the ambitions of future editions, questioning the function of archaeology in the contemporary culture and creating a relation between archaeology and the city of Rome, and more broadly Italy, in a perspective of cultural and socio-economical development.

We believe that archaeology is central to the understanding of the present and to positively push it towards forms of sustainable development. 

Biblioarché – Common Library is a collective space, managed by Espera - Libreria Archeologica Srl and Arbor Sapientiae on behalf of Ediarché – Editoria per l’Archeologia Srl. 

The aim of this space is to provide visitors with a complete and diversified offer of specialized publications by publishing houses specialized in archaeology and at the same time the flexibility of the space gives the opportunity to be there to a very large number of publishers, thatcan show their publication to a national and international audience.