The meeting is structured in four thematic sessions and a concluding panel discussion, coordinated and chaired by dedicated presidents, who will introduce and moderate the intervention of participants and their discussions, taking care of time schedule and content compliance.

Each session will be introduced by invited keynote speakers, who will have assigned opening speeches, with an aim to circumscribe and contextualize in a critical manner themes discussed and to preside the next debate.

For each of these four sessions as for the final panel discussion there will be a possibility to submit a proposal for participation, in the manner set forth in the call for papers. The selected participations will be presented by the Authors during conference, after the introductory reports, in summary form, and for a period not longer than 10 minutes, based on an abstract previously shared among all participants. The synthesis of selected interventions will be followed by a broad discussion, which will include everyone interested.

The panel discussion that will take place in the afternoon of the third day, will provide an opportunity to final summary of the issues discussed previously and a further opportunity to discuss the prospects of the meeting; after an introductory report and synthetic speech of selected contributions, the discussion will be open to all the speakers and – to everyone interested and previously booked during conference.

During 20 days that precede this meeting, once disclosed the abstracts collected by call for papers, we will give the opportunity to all interested, to suggest additional questions and brief interventions online, in order to submit them during debate; both within thematic sessions as well as during the final panel discussion, upon evaluation of their relevance and usefulness (see below the paragraph: “On line collection of questions and brief interventions”).

The outcomes of the meeting, of discussions and panel discussion will be fully filmed and will be available to interested parties both through the website and networks of this event as well as during the final edition of the meeting, organized, as in past editions, by the publishing house Editorial Service System for Dià Cultura Foundation.

There are no participation fees for speaker and the organization shall not give any refunds.

Participation in the meeting is free up to places and spaces completion. For those who will express request, agreements are being finalized to identify hotels and accommodation facilities affiliated with the event, which will be described in a special page of our site ( Students and all interested parties who make a request by writing to our email, after the presentation of a valid ID and filling out the appropriate forms during the event, will receive a certificate to participation at this event, valid for the attainment of credits, where allowed and in terms provided by respective institutions to which they belong to.

Participation in the conference as speakers is subject to the submission of an abstract (minimum 300 words / 2000 characters), containing session reference as a mandatory field (indication of subsection theme is optional), the title of the proposed contribution, the postal/mailing address, the home institution/or reference institution of proponent(s) and the email address to use for communications. The abstract and data listed above should be sent exclusively by email at, as a Word format attachment, named by surname and first initial of the main proponent. The proposal must be received not later than March 20th, 2015.

By March 22, the Scientific Committee will select proposals regularly received in the manner and within date given above, according to their coherence with the themes and the scientific setting of the conference, based on parameters related also to their interdisciplinary approach and to innovativeness of the approach, trying as much as possible to balance and harmonize the participation of scientists belonging to different disciplines.

The selected authors will be contacted via email to the address specified and shall promptly provide confirmation of their participation for the purposes of their inclusion in the provisional agenda of the meeting and the online publication of the abstract of their intervention.

By 26th of April all selected speakers should send the extended summary of their contribution, that will be shared with all interested by a specific page of the editor’s “” profile ( This summary should match the one that will be read by the proponent during the conference (with the possible support of an appropriate powerpoint presentation) and, therefore, must be adapted to 10 minutes available for the exposure, in order to respect the timetable for the next debate. It is the faculty of the speakers to send with text expanded summary a more ample text and/or the definite one, in order to share it with other participants and to discuss it. For this purpose, when posting participation confirm and, in any case, by the beginning of April, we will provide for all speakers editorial guidelines for final publication of their contributions in the proceedings of the meeting.

If no extended summary is received in terms indicated, unless for justified reasons, will be excluded from the official program of the meeting.

It is reminded that the participation in the conference as speakers does not involve fees and does not provide for the organization any form of refund.

  • March 20th 2015: delivery of abstract relations
  • March 22nd 2015: selection of contributions and communication of the outcome to the proposers
  • April 6th 2015: definition and online publication of the provisional agenda, with its abstract
  • April 26th 2015: delivery of abstracts extended relations and/or the final texts of the contributions
  • May 2nd 2015: on-line sharing of texts in a dedicated section of editor’s profile, activating a special “session” to discuss contributions and gather questions and comments; online publication and disclosure of the final program of the meeting
  • May 2nd 2015-May 19th 2015: deadline suggested for enrollment to the conference of auditors who need a certificate of participation; registration will also guarantee access in case of places depletion.

At the beginning of May expanded abstracts will be uploaded in a dedicated section of the editor’s profile, where for each one of them, with the aim to broaden the discussion and debate even in the virtual dimension, will be created an appropriate “session” for discussion, comments and interventions that, if considered worthy, will be presented at the conference and then will be inserted in the paper edition of conference documents.


École française de Rome, Piazza Navona 62, 00186 Roma  | Stadio di Domiziano, Via di Tor Sanguigna 3, 00186 Roma

The interventions of the keynote speakers, the speakers and the transcript of the discussions and outcomes of the panel discussion will be published in the conference proceedings that will be printed by the E.S.S. Editorial Service System Srl for Dià Culture Foundation, in the series of Anthropology and Archaeology at comparison, within the next edition of the Event.