IMPORTANT: From the second half of May the posters will be available for online consultation.

Given the extraordinary number of adhesions and the limitations of the congressual place and times, necessarily our scientific committee had to privilege the candidacies best matching the proposed contents and aims.

However, in order to find some additional space for some other of these valuable proposals, we decided to implement a “poster section” for each of the four thematic sessions.

As for the communications, the "posters" will be uploaded in a dedicated web space for further discussions, and will concur to the printing of the acts.

The on-line publishing of the papers, which should follow the suggested editorial standards, requires that the delivery of the files must be performed within the 4th of May 2015. This is prior to the papers diffusion on the web, which will be actuated before the beginning of the convention, giving some time for an on-line debate.

During this phase any inclusion of imagery won’t be allowed, exception made for charts and/or diagrams, to avoid law issues related to copyrights and image property.

As outlined before, the entire “poster” will be uploaded like a non-downloadable file, in a dedicated web page on our website; every single abstract will converge onto the page of the editor (, in order to match the respective session. As soon as the upload will be concluded, the abstract link will be sent to the author and contemporarily shared on the convention website.

Following the mechanisms of, the on-line publication (indicatively the 15th of May) will coincide with the creation of four thematic sessions opened to discussion. The results of the debate will be included into the acts, having the form of an “appendix of discussion” for each of the four thematic sessions (posters section).

Substantially the methods are similar to those already applied for the first two editions of the acts, with a difference made by the particular use of