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Small exhibition of valuable books coming from the Fondo Antico of Coni’s Library. Among the works exposed: the notable ethnographic treaty Historia de gentibus Septentrionalibus (1555) by Uppsala’s Archbishop Olaus Magnus (1490 – 1578), whose topic relates to the limes theme. The Venetian editions printed by Giunti’s typography of De arte gymnastica by Girolamo Mercuriale (1530-1606), perfectly adapt to the location of the event, the Domitian Stadium.

A selection of texts on Roman and Greek antiquities, particularly about “circus games” and physical exercise, as the works by Lipsius Justus (1547-1606), these works testify the revived interest, during Renaissance, for classical antiquities and proved to be very helpful for our knowledge of sports, and sports locations in the ancient world of which the Domitian Stadium is an impressive example.
At the exhibition, side by side to the aforementioned valuable books, will be displayed, to evoke the central role of sports in ancient times, an amphora panatenaica, result of the recovery work conducted by the Group for the Archaeological Heritage Safeguard of Guardia di Finanza.