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Through entertainment initiatives, actors performances, evocative scenes animated by characters in historical costumes, we meant to produce an effective promotion of the knowledge of the past developed on the theme of the limes, proposing to the public, in scientifically accurate and plausible way, historical views, events, crafts and rituals practiced by the peoples that belonged to the world evoked and narrated by this last edition of RomArché.

The event, reminiscent and reconstructive, intends to promote, trough the engagement of a large part of the public – the one heterogeneous that on Sundays crowds Piazza Navona location of this example of “living history” – the memory of the populations which have alternated, opposed, merged with the Romans during the antiquity along the borders, different from age to age, of ours/theirs territory.

Particularly, in a route that from Piazza Navona leads into the Domitian Stadium, we intend to evoke the Triumph of Emperor Domitian on the Chatti Germani population (82 AD), after the latter’s defeat by Legio I Minerva (purposefully created) and the roman occupation of the Agri Decumantes, between the Rhine and the Danube.

The preliminary phase of study, research, in depth analysis, practical experimentation and learning is curated by Dià Cultura Foundation. “Lo spettacolo della Storia” in collaboration with Gruppo Storico Romano and many other historical re-enacting associations, among which also “Artigiani della materia”.