First:  Unfinished,  Patrizia Nizzo

First: Unfinished, Patrizia Nizzo

Second: Melissa Landolina

Second: Melissa Landolina

Third:  Viale Regina Margherita , Francesca Sassu

Third: Viale Regina Margherita, Francesca Sassu

The project

#odetamò is an experimental approach to poetry in the form of a literary contest completely managed and realized online.

The aim is to engage a wide audience to the world of poetic production and more in general to literature in the perspective of active participation to the creative process.

The emphasis is on the evocative power of poetry, on the semantic synthesis proper of this artistic expression, on the inspiration and on the self realization trough the creation of art.

The attempt is to reestablish a correct relation between the poetic writing and its aesthetic value, in a perspective that does not only consider poetry as a mere satisfaction of a personal need but wants to go to the essence of the term itself, to the Greekποίησις (poiesis), to a real intervention of the poet on the world and on the others.

The theme

The contest theme focuses on the concept of limes and recalls, in the title, the cattullian’s “odi et amo”; challenged and universal, proper of the ambivalent nature of love, always hanging between pleasure and pain, attraction and repulsion. In this relationship, that is between human beings as well as between the world and life, it is asked to everyone a thought, a scratch, a small but deep gaze, intimate and absolute, on those forces that brings us closer and then repel us, on the everyday passion, on the love for everyone, and on this border where we all live.