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Edition 2015. RomArché. Limes

Locations: École française de Rome, Stadium of Domitian | May, 20th - 24th

The locations hosting RomArché 2015 are the École française de Rome (May 20th) and the monumental complex of the Stadium of Domitian (May 21th – 24th),whose archaeological remains are retraced by the modern Piazza Navona, extraordinary example of Rome’s baroque.

The archaeological site, recently reopened to the public after years of restoration, is what remains of the first and unique example of masonry’s stadium known to date in Rome. The previous examples were temporary structures made of wood built by Cesar and Augustus. Together with the Stadium in Pozzuoli is one of the rare examples known outside of Greece and the eastern area.

The stadium capacity was of about 30.000 viewers according to the Regionari Catalogues, but according to more reliable calculations it was of 20.000. 

Event's theme

The event is inspired by the theme of the roman’s limes – boundary in its double meaning of boundary – border and road – street.

The research proposed follows these two concepts and broadens to consider, in a diachronic and intercultural perspective, original aspects of the theme involving multiple disciplines in constant dialogue: archaeology, history and anthropology but also geography, city planning, economy are the elective fields of an in depth-analysis that aims to offer to the public vast horizons of knowledge and reflection.

Moreover the reflection proposed by the international convention of “ Archaeology and Anthropology compared” recalls the concept of limes, that for mankind has universal meaning and places the transition between life and death as a boundary but also indeed as a transition and a road towards the inscrutable.

Event's program

The event unfolds over a period of 4 days – from Wednesday to Sunday – and includes the following activities:

      1.       Archaeological Publishing Fair and “Read at BiblioArché

The publishing fair unfolds during four days (may 21st – 24th), as an exposition of the editorial productions both trough the direct presence of the publishing houses and other subjects involved in the archaeological publishing sector and trough BlioArché, a communal library managed by Domitian Stadium Service.

On Saturday 23rd  and Sunday 24th the event is enriched by the activities of “Read at BiblioArché” dedicated to the deepening of the “limes” theme, with readings and book presentations, meetings with the authors, lectures and small performances.

2.       The Scientific Convention

May Wednesday 20th (at the École française de Rome), Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd (at the Domitian Stadium) is held the third edition of the scientific convention “Anthropology and Archaeology compared”, curate by Valentino Nizzo and dedicated to a thematic related to burial rituals in ancient societies, titled: Archaeology and Anthropology of death.

 3.     Limes lives again

May Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th there will be the historical re-enacting event dedicated to the limes theme, during which, following the red tread of an evocative narration, performers in historical costumes will re-enact scenes of everyday life, with the participation of “Artigiani della materia”.  

 4.     #Odetamò

#Odetamò micro literature online contest

5.       Ancient book exhibition

Exhibition of ancient books from the Collections of the Fondo Antico of CONI’s Library with artefacts recovered by the Group for the Archaeological Heritage Safeguard of Guardia di Finanza